The Big Deal Part 1

The Big Deal part#1
The Announcement

“Jeffrey Wilhelm (1995) reminds us that most of reading for struggling, reluctant adolescent readers focuses on cracking codes instead of creating meaning. He goes on to state that the role of the reader as an active meaning maker-one who connects personally with what is read, who spends pleasurable and stirring time with stories, and who might judge or resist the text and its author-is essentially precluded from the act of reading. The way literature is mediated has a profound effect on adolescents’ engagement with literature”
Alfred W. Tatum author of
Teaching Reading to Black Adolescent Males: Closing the Achievement Gap

On 01-26-2006, 03:02 PM Marvel Comics held a press conference to promote the upcoming summer Wedding of characters Black Panther and Storm. Participants in the conference included writers Reginald Hudlin and Eric Jerome Dickey, along with the usual Marvel staffers.
To say the least this announcement is a big thing in the African Amercian community
Superman has Wonderwoman
Batman has Catrwoman
DareDevil even had the Black Widow
Now African Americans could say their two favorite super heros have hooked up too
This event would also be written by African American’s

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