Hero’s (J. Torres)

A former elementary school teacher, J. Torres was born in Manila but left for Canada when he was 4. After completing his B.A. in Communications Studies with a Diploma in Elementary Education from McGill University in Montreal. He began his comic book writing career in 1995, with the publication of ‘Copybook Tales’ by SLG Publishing. Other past credits include the creator-owned series ‘Siren’ and ‘Monster Fighters Inc.’ for Image Comics; ‘Alison Dare’, ‘Jason & the Argobots’, and ‘Sidekicks’ for Oni Press; as well as freelance work on ‘Rugrats’ and ‘Nickelodeon Magazine’ for Nickelodeon; ‘Black Panther’, ‘X-Men Unlimited’ and ‘X-Men: Ronin’ for Marvel Comics. His most recent works include ‘Days Like This’ for Oni Press and ‘Sparta’ for NBM Publishing. He currently lives in Toronto, and has an insightful column available on Comic Book Resources titled ‘Open Your Mouth.’s.
Click here for the full interview with Torres
Click here for TEEN TITANS GO! interview


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