What is Keon Reading?

Provide a Creative Enviornment
I came across this clip on You Tube although it’ simply a clip of a African American youth reading for 30 seconds it poses many questions

1. What is he reading?
2. What is the subject matter? (no pictures)
3. Who wrote it?
4. Why is it so captivating to him? (check out the noise level, the other activities, and the fact that he is being videotaped)

5. what has his parents done to raise a young man with this type of focus ?
6. Could the teacher share what she has done to stimulate her students in this manner?
7.What school, district, state is this, that obviously got something right?


Puki the Swarm

Flash first-person shooter. Sure, they look cute, but the first time one of the little blighters comes at you with fangs bared you’ll lose all inhibitions of blowing their heads off.


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