Bullied by Heroes

I remember when watching tv I would see commercial for movies that were coming to a theatre (multiplex) near you. Now while waiting for the movie to start (in the multi-plex) I realize that I am being bombarded with tv new tv series. One that has pulled out all the stops is NBC Heroes, that is making use of all media, Heroes a one-hour drama chronicles the lives of ordinary people who find out they have some extraordinary abilities After a total eclipse, a genetics professor — whose father recently went missing — uncovers a theory regarding people with superhuman powers. Elsewhere, a young man tries to convince his politician brother he can fly, a teenage girl finds she’s totally indestructible, a Vegas showgirl discovers that her mirror image is a separate being and a gift artist (struggling with a drug addiction) can paint the future. Ultimately, this disparate group of folks will be asked to save the world. Don’t get me wrong the premise of the show is sound the cast as reflective of the World as any. Truth be told a series that a network believes in should be supported in every way imaginable. I was handed a Heroes free first episode download on ITUNEs and you can see the first 2 online graphic novels by clicking here & here

Hero’s Gone
Blade the TV series has been cancelled, I imagine that the comic of the same name will follow the same fate shortly, the 3rd Blade movie was also shite
I have a theory, that seemed to have escaped the writer director David Goyers whose first 2 Blades were great and so was his Batman returns which he co-wrote. Wesley Snipes. He was who you wanted to see, he was Blade. Blade 3 failed because Goyers reduced Snipes role in the movie

(dumbest idea of any director for a movie named after a character that folk are paying good money to see), and the TV Blade said he was bringing his own ethos to the role not Wesly, maybe those were 2 bad ideas.

For Real Heroes

I found this in BlackNews

Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) – The Coalition on Donation and award-winning cartoonist of Mama’s Boyz, Jerry Craft, have teamed up to illustrate the critical need for African American organ and tissue donors. Over the past decade, there has been a 166 percent increase in the number of African Americans waiting for organ transplants, with African Americans comprising an alarming 35 percent of all patients awaiting kidneys. This increase may be attributed, in part, to the escalating number of African Americans with conditions that can lead to the need for transplants, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Mama’s Boyz follows an African-American family led by Pauline Porter, a widow who lost her husband several years ago to diabetes. When she’s not running the family bookstore, she’s keeping an eye on her two teenage sons, Tyrell and Yusuf. Over the years, the strip has addressed other social and health issues such as teen pregnancy and diabetes, making it a perfect fit for the Coalition’s message.

“We feel that putting this information in a comic strip will help reach new audiences in a non-threatening manner,” said Tina Evans Caines, Chair of the Coalition’s National African American Campaign. “Recent research shows that only 39 percent of African Americans who support organ and tissue donation actually become donors. This is compared to 49 percent of the general population. To meet our community’s growing need we must find creative ways to bridge this gap.” for more


Special Effects

Take a Walk in the Sand Click here


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Blade fan says:

    Also a major blade fan, completely right about the blade movies. Have no idea what he was thinking and as for the tv series please i have more acting talent in my 6 am bowel movements. Concept had bucketloads of potential for continuing the movies. Whats next Freddy vs Jason movie revolving around Jasons nephew… thatd do about as well as… well I thhink you already know.


    1. ajharper says:

      Great comment, I’m creating another web presence called soulscifi.tumblr.com dedicated to authors and characters of color. It would be great if you could contribute a piece on Blade and your thoughts about the character



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