Hyphy & the Little Shop of Horrors

The Horrors

I referred to Congressman Foley as a Vampire
Senator Allen as Dr Jeckell and Mr Hyde
and our inner city youth as Frankenstien monsters
after watching yesterdays episode of I’ll blame anyone just as long as I stay in power, I can only refer to the Congress as a shop of horrors

This Lizard knows Hyphy

Venus the water dragon does a weekly music blog which I will beging offering here, each Pod Cast features her list of top 5 songs
So if you want to know what cool music sounds like just click below


Sunday Night Jam Sessions

Music in the Classroom
Andre 3000Outkast’s Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) unveiled his new animated series “Class Of 3000” at a recent Cartoon Network press event, set to debut in November.

Andre explained that the cartoon revolves around a group of gifted music students who look up to former graduate-turned superstar Sunny Bridges, voiced by Dre. One of the characters, Lil D, is loosely based on Dre’s childhood.

“I come from the projects and [I used to] go all the way across town to school, which is in Buckhead, a prominent part of Atlanta,” said Dre. “I went to school with mayor’s kids and commissioner’s kids, so it was a mash-up then. One of my best friends, he was French. Another best friend was Indian.”

“So when we created show, we didn’t want it to be just all Black characters or all White characters,” he said. “We just created a world and it kind of mirrors what’s going on right now. Everybody hangs out with everybody. It’s not like you just stay in your own little clique. There’s a huge Crayola box going on.”

Andre says he’s also looking to drop a soundtrack for the series, and is already searching for artists to make guest appearances during the show’s second season.

“We’re reaching out to a lot of people,” Dre said. “A lot of people are interested. Every time you drop an album, you kinda go through this whole run. You do TRL, you do all those shows. I think ‘Class of 3000’ will be one of those places that record companies will say, ‘We want our artist to be on this show.’ It’ll be a cool place.”



Every year we gaze enviously at the lists of the richest people in world.
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