Bill is Still Right (Part 3 of 3)


I totally disagree with Bill Cosby. I do not understand why if he has a problem with uneducated black people he chose to speak about it at a majority white college. It came off as if he was talking about black people behind their back. He needs to learn that just giving money is not enough. He has the power to create a solution to the problem and we wonder why the black community is so divided.


Dawn, Lithia Springs, GA

Cosby comments offended many, but were his comments that offensive? His comments were made at a time, when rappers and comedians are referring to our daughters, sisters and mothers as bitches, ho’s and sluts, glamorizing the drug culture is the norm in most hip hop videos. There are minstrel characters on television and the use of the word “nigger” is supported by so called Black Leaders. Why is there only outrage toward Cosby who has challenged parents to be responsible for themselves and their children yet none at the authors of this endless assault of negative images bombarding us in every form of media?


A lesson the African American community must grasp, everyone that criticizes it does not hate it, and everyone that defends it does not necessarily have the African American community best interest at heart


2 Examples


Michael Eric Dyson

The articulate professor and Baptist Minister authored the book, Is Bill Cosby Right or has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind? Dyson identified Cosby’s criticism as an instance of contemptuous abuse and criticism by what he calls the “Afristocracy”—or well-to-do blacks (of which Cosby is one) at the higher regions of the social ladder—upon the “Ghettocracy”—or poor urban blacks. In short, Dyson deconstructs Cosby’s speech and personally attacks him.


The most disturbing part of Dyson’s book is that it exists, while Cosby was going around the country visiting inner-city schools encouraging students, parents and students to rise above their circumstances and do more. Dyson was traveling the country promoting his book that attacks Cosby. A question I would love to ask Dyson, Cosby has given millions of dollars to support education in the Black community. What have you done with the money you made off your best selling books that accuses Cosby of Afristocracy?

I may not know the difference between Afristocracy or Ghettocracy, but I certainly know an opportunist and a pimp when I see one.

Why is there no outrage at Dyson?




Aaron McGruder

McGruder, calls himself “one of America’s angriest black men,” and he’s long taken aim at people and institutions he believes betray the race: Republicans and the media, naturally, but also Mariah Carey (too slutty) and Puffy (for helping to make hip-hop materialistic McGruder criticized Cosby on the Tavis Smiley Show saying “We can’t allow anyone, even Bill Cosby, to publicly say things about us which are just flat out not true.” McGruder, in an interview with National Public Radio, chided Cosby for wearing dark glasses a la hip-hop producer P. Diddy: “It’s at least as silly as having your pants down real low.” But once McGruder was able to place his strip Boondocks on the air, the world was able to learn the definition of self-loathing. A Boondock episode that trounced Rosa Parks had to be re-edited in order to be broadcasted after her death. The show uses the “N” word more than any show this side of HBO, features a self hating black man, and demeans all things that Blacks hold dear. McGruder’s wrote an episode in which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. awakens from a coma in 2006 and calls a group of ign’ant black people the N-word (This episode aired before Kings birthday) In his strip Huey draws this conclusion: “Black people drove Bill Cosby crazy.” Interesting to note, that Boondocks airs on Comedy Network at 11:00 p.m. who do you think is the shows #1 audience ?

Why is there no outrage at McGruder? Its appears that many are starting to realize the danger of this apparent self hater.building from many most notably Al Sharpton Sharpton — an activist, radio host, and former Democratic presidential candidate — said in a news release that the Cartoon Network “must apologize and also commit to pulling episodes that desecrate black historic figures. We are totally offended by the continuous use of the ‘N’ word in [cartoonist Aaron] McGruder’s show. While I can appreciate Mr. McGruder and his achievements, this particular episode is over the
line.” In his USA columinst DeWayne Wickham wrote, By having King make such flagrant public use of a word that his cartoon character describes as “the ugliest word in the English language,” McGruder pushes the slain civil rights leader into the swamp of self-loathing speech.

That’s a dangerous gambit, given the racially mixed audience to which his show plays. Some people might get the point he’s trying to make. I fear, however, that most will not see — or hear — anything beyond King repeatedly calling his people “niggers.”

Cartoon Network issued the following statement”We think Aaron McGruder came up with a thought-provoking way of not only showing Dr. King’s bravery but also of reminding us of what he stood and fought for,” Wickham replied, I doubt its reaction would be the same if McGruder produced an episode in which former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir returned from the dead and repeatedly called a group of Jews kikes. And I don’t think the network would simply call “thought-provoking” an episode in which a resurrected Cesar Chavez, this nation’s most important Mexican-American leader, over and over again called his people wetbacks.

Cosbys thoughts on all this

“We are letting TV sets raise our children,” he said to crowd at North Division High School auditorium, in Milwaukee. “A transformation has to take place.”We are not going to get Jesse Jackson to keep coming up here or Martin Luther King Jr. to reappear. They’ve done their jobs. They gave you slogans you can use. They’ve prayed for you. Now you have to do it for yourselves.”

“I talked to Jesus the other day, and He said He’s tired of you,” Cosby said. “There is a book out there called the Bible. It’s got lessons in there on how to live. Ten Commandments. They make a lot of sense, but you’ve thrown all of it out.”

He chastised them for casual use of inflammatory words.

“Are there any niggers out there?” he asked as many in the crowd gasped. “I don’t think I want to meet you. Not when black men are hung with ropes, when they do DNA tests of the Mississippi River and find the blood of our brothers.”

“Who are these people putting it on a record and then we get up and dance to it?” he said.

Cosby, whose son was shot to death in 1997, told the crowd that it is time to heal the deep psychological wound.

Between Cosby, Dyson and McGruder, I would rather trust the accuser than the defender



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