Method or just Madness

Trying to explain the method to his madness, McGruder said, “It’s a show for people who look at the world and say, ‘There’s something seriously wrong here.’

“There are people who get satire, (people) with critical thinking skills. And then there are those who don’t get it,” said McGruder.

“This show was created for people who get it. Everyone else we’re really not too concerned about.”

Turning the comic strip into a cartoon, said McGruder, has allowed him “a wonderful amount of creative freedom” as well as access to a younger audience.

“It’s an audience that “gets it” more than “your average newspaper reader (who) is a 50-year-old white man.”

McGruder explains the shows heavy use of the “N” word on his show

Both explanations sound good on the surface, but honestly how many African Americans, let alone youth have access to cable and are up late Sundays night watching his show, sounds more like his demographic would be primarily white.

As for his use of the “N” word, his logic is as sound as calling someone “fat” because you want them to lose weight

I use the word “nigga” in this show to show not just black people but all sorts of other people how it has grown in it’s use. Lots of black people tend to use that word in a sentence to replace “man” or it is just use to symbolize the presence of another person. The fact that it is used negatively against african americans, is what makes it an ignorant term for anyone to use and especially for a black person. This is to teach people that it is stupid to use the word. The Boondocks will be on DVD soon, so watch out! – McGruder


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  1. atanok says:

    “As for his use of the “N” word, his logic is as sound as calling someone “fat” because you want them to lose weight.”

    Nigger. It’s a word. Etymologically, there is nothing objectionable about it.
    The only argument against its usage is historical and, more importantly, cultural.

    Take as example the words fag and faggot. Both were originally and are still widely used with meanings other than homophobic slur. As with nigger, the only objectionable thing about them is their usage in modern culture.

    In the case of nigger, I believe McGruder is attempting to do the inverse and redefine the cultural meaning of the word, making it something other than demeaning racial slur.
    It’s well known that taboos often have the opposite of their intended effect; in this case, it increases the general consciousness towards racial divide and increases social tension.

    If you must know, I presently associate the word nigger with a cultural archetype and apply it to people of any ethnic group, age and sex. Statistically, most of these people are Americans of African descendence, but this a correlation.

    According to my definition, it does not apply to the great majority of Africans and African descendents throughout the world.

    Am I hearing you saying it’s still a pejorative slur?
    Well, yes, it is.
    But modern western culture frowns upon racial and religious prejudice.
    Fuck you very much if you would say one can’t express dissent towards cultural archetypes.
    That would be the end of it.


    1. ajharper says:

      My brother I am late responding to your reply but I agree with you 100%


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