Racial slur banned in New York

The city council of New York has voted to ban the use of the word “nigger”.

The resolution to ban the so-called “N-word” is largely symbolic as it carries no weight in law and those who use the word would face no punishment.

But it reflects a growing unease that the racial slur is now part of everyday conversation and that the taboo against its usage has been swept away. Click here for full article


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  1. Rob Seccara says:

    you’re all gay


  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember hearing about this…

    Being white, I Understand how it is to not be allowed to say Nigger. Personally, I don’t give a *fuck*. I’m most definetly NOT a racist person. In fact, there’s a difference between black people (regular folk, just like whites, hispanics or anybody else) and Niggers. Martin Luther King was a black man. “Soulja Boi” is a Nigger. There are white niggers too, and I’ve always used the word against people I really didn’t like.

    So, they wasted all day passing a law that’s symbolic..A stern talking to would have gotten the point across, but i suppose we have better things to spend our money on. this stupid country -_-


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