Having Their Say

the BBC has done and excellent job of covering the 200 year anniversary of its abolishment of slavery


Young Brits share they’re thoughts on Slavery

Warren Jordan
Moss Side

“I don’t think there are many lasting impressions of slavery, it’s not a part of everyday life.

“However, that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten about. In fact, black people should be respect

Vanessa Ochan

“It’s important to me because it’s my ancestors and part of my culture.

“What happened had a big impact on how black people live in the UK and the racism they face. People should care about slavery because it’s part of history.

“We should learn more about slavery because if the slave trade never happened things would have been very different.

Adam MckerrowConteh, London

“It’s important because it wasn’t that long ago and it’s a big part of our history.

“Our people were taken from Africa and used as slaves so we should give respect to our ancestors and what they had to go through.”

Simone Johnson

“I think people should care about slavery because it was a big thing and people still see black people in a certain way because of it.

“From my own point of view black people have less of a chance in life. It’s harder to get a job sometimes – you feel like people are looking at your colour and people who are white have more of an opportunity.”

Lere Fisher

“Knowing the history of slavery is important, it made black people not believe in ourselves.

“We’re not taught about the struggle in school and how they made it through, that would give us a sense of pride about who we are, based on their struggle.

“There is a big impact on Britain because of slavery and we need to be educated more.”

Xiomi Wijnhard

“What I think about slavery is that it is very important to me because they are my family back then, and they were made into slaves.

“It’s a real big part of me and we have to recognise them because it’s a big part of everyone’s history. And it’s really important to talk about it in this


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