When Wearing Obama is Out of Style



A lady working at my polling place last Election Day was wearing a T-shirt that said “Down with Liberals” on it. Can she wear that?


Because such a t-shirt doesnʼt actually advocate voting for or against a particular candidate or measure, itʼs not considered electioneering. If the shirt had a statement for or against something or someone on the ballot, it would not be allowed within 100 feet of the polls. If the elections official is aware of the situation, he or she will likely request that the woman cover it up or change into something that does not cause the slightest appearance of partisanship. (EC §18370, 18541, 18546)

An argument can be made that Obama shirts are just fashion statements

But save yourself the grief 

Don’t wear Obama

Cover it up

Turn it inside out

Remember it’s  the vote not the shirt that matters


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