African American Authors for Young Adult

Found this list on the Durham County  website. So in touch with teens they have both a myspace and facebook pages check them out

Alice Childress

Alice Childress was born in Charleston, but she grew up in Harlem. Her book A Hero Ain’t Nothing But a Sandwich was one of the first teen novels to portray drug abuse.
Angela Johnson

Johnson writes beautiful, short books that squeeze a lot of meaning out of a few words.

A J Harper


A satisfying vampire story, that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat

Christopher Paul Curtis

Try this Newbery award winner’s Bucking the Sarge for a funny look at a young man who must outsmart his mean, mean mama.

Coe Booth

Ms. Booth uses her experience as a social worker to create realistic characters with a lot of drama in their lives.

Dana Davidson

For a satisfying romance, try Davidson’s Jason & Kyra or if you like a little more drama, don’t miss Played.

Janet McDonald

This project-girl-genius grew up to be a lawyer who lives in Paris. Lucky for us, she finds time to write lively books about class, race and making it on your own.
Jaqueline Woodson

When Woodson was a kid, she wrote a poem about Martin Luther King that was so good everybody thought she’d copied it. Nowadays nobody doubts her abilities to capture real kids with real lives in a unique way.

Lori Aurelia Williams

Williams says she grew up poor, in a neighborhood where “it was still customary for children to be seen and not heard.” She hopes that her writing can reveal the stories that these kids never got to tell.

Rita Williams-Garcia

This author says her books are about “people who can laugh at themselves in spite of everything.” Try Like Sisters on the Homefront for the story of a New York City teen mom who gets stuck down South.

Rosa Guy

Rosa Guy (rhymes with key) was one of the first people to write teen books about African Americans. Many of her characters are West Indian or Haitian.

Sharon G. Flake

Warning: these books are filled with drama! But Sharon G. Flake’s characters can handle it. These girls are fighters. Don’t count them out.

Sharon Mills Draper

Everybody knows that Forged by Fire, Tears of a Tiger and Darkness Before Dawn are great books. But did you know that Draper was also named National Teacher of the Year in 1997?
Virginia Hamilton
Try this Newbery award winning author for tales of mystery and magic in the lives of everyday folks.

Walter Dean Myers

This beloved and award-winning author dropped out of school at the age of 15. However, he never quit reading and writing. Now he is one of the most prolific authors for kids and teens.


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