USA is the New Black


“Only in America” Don King 

For millions of African Americans this race was more about could the U.S. look past it’s history and actual give an African American the opportunity to lead, or was this a country so mired in its bitterness toward them,  they were willing to lose their homes, pensions, jobs, sons to a war, and their daughters right to choose before allowing a person of a different skin color the opportunity to help.  Sounds propostrous but true

P.S. expect a flood of African American new born’s given the name Obama in three years it will nolonger be that funny name.

“I don’t want nobody doing nuthin for me, open up the door and I’ll do it myself” James Brown

Obama’s victory has open the U.S. eyes to the possiblility of a president that is not a white male with great hair. The trajectory has changed, expect women and other minorities being seriously considered for the U.S. top spot

This does not end prejudice in the U.S. but if every there was a hallmark moment in race relations, this was it.

It is good to know that the prospect of Palin in the whitehouse was too scary for most American

“I shook up the world” Muhammed Ali

Obama’s victory has global implication the U.S. now has a candidate that  is initially beloved,

And as the other leaders of the industrial world now grapple with how they interact with a African American from the U.S that is not a Secretary of the State, you can only imagine how many blacks will be applying for political postions in Europe and the UK

The U.S. has turned a corner


I’m proud to be an American living in the land of oppportunity


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