Of Aliens and Asperger’s Syndrome

According to the author, Dwayne G. Anderson, Partially Human is a story about “Being Different”. It was based on my own experiences after being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.  I too felt like an outcast, ridiculed, mocked, and left out, even before the diagnosis. Even today, I still feel like an outsider, different from everyone else.

For Joshua Plofhard, a teenage Good Samaritan from Los Angeles, life is good. Well-known and well-liked by the city, loved by his friends, and adored by his new girlfriend, Joshua had it all. But when he becomes the victim of a freak mugging, a shocking revelation about him is revealed, triggering a chain reaction of events that will forever change his life.

When it is discovered that Joshua carries the genes of a dying alien species in his body, life for him is turned up-side down. Now an outcast, rejected by the city that once embraced him, Joshua is emotionally shattered by the events that have taken their toll upon him. With only his mother Alicia, friends Peter Christjes, Eric Blonfly, Rick Warris, girlfriend Kimberly Derth, and several others who come to sympathize with his plight, Joshua begins to pick up the pieces of his life.

But Joshua’s problems are only just beginning. Not only has Patrick Urtoma, a government agent sent to investigate this alien teenager, but Veranda Oltzon, a candidate in the upcoming mayor election is exploiting the discrimination Joshua suffers to rally the public to her side. Also not helping is a mysterious serial killer who has now marked Joshua for death, driven by extreme prejudice against people like him.

As the countdown to his nineteenth birthday continues, the day when the alien return to reclaim what they created, Joshua learns many lessons of self-acceptance, friendship, compassion, loyalty, love, and how being different makes on unique. Together, he and his friends shall stand together against the prejudice of an entire city and plea for tolerance towards all individuals, no matter who they are.121`

Check out author Dwayne Gerald Anderson and story excerpt here

Curious to note, despite the cover the protagonist of the novel is not Black, the cover’s designer just thought it a good idea


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  1. Sadye says:

    When we choose to do the opposite of nothing,
    then we can do something to help others and make a difference.
    It is an adventurous game filled with fun and excitement.
    The nature of Reddit’s platform makes it possible — through great and creative effort, it appears — to give users a gift of the unexpected, rather than deriving humor from humiliation.


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