What is all this black noise?

All Black music is not hip hop, R&B, and Jazz there are some other flavors on the menu here’s a taste

Afro Punk

The fundamental contradiction of black kids feeling left out of rock — which from its very beginning was based on black music — has played a large role in the creation of Afro-Punk. And while there have been many black artists who have been embraced by white rock fans, from Little Richard to Sly and the Family Stone to theBad Brains, the Afro-Punk movement has found fans bonding and creating communities, organizing shows and shooting films in a whole new way.

click here for article

Trip Hop

Trip hop took root in Bristol partly because of its deeply rooted sound system culture and its relationship with a black identity. It is important to note that, as an important slave-trading centre in the 18th century, Bristol’s black community has influenced black British identity for centuries; Bristol is 2.8 percent black. In addition, Bristol has a large multi-racial community (only 89.3 percent white, as well as a well-integrated youth culture that grew out of the integrated school systems.  Under the influence of American hip hop from the 1980s both black and white British youth became consumers of hip hop. Hip hop in the UK was immediately fused with black soul and elements of dancehall. click for full wiki article

Black Rock

Sometimes terminology can be both troubling and misleading:

rock ‘n’ roll or rock-and-roll (r¼k“…n-r½l“) n. Music. 1. A form of popular music arising from and incorporating a variety of musical styles, especially rhythm and blues, country music, and gospel.
I personally have no problem with this description, but I do have a serious problem with the usage of the term “rock n’ roll” by both Blacks and Whites. It seems that history has been perverted to the point where in today’s world neither Blacks nor Whites seem to feel that African Americans have anything to do with “rock n’ roll” !! click here for article

Possibly the best blog on the movememt click here

Click here for the Movement

Rock is the New Black click here

Check out this great article on Black Rock

Hipster Rap

From “gangster rap” to “conscious rap” to “ringtone rap,” the hip-hop industry has always had a predilection for labeling itself, especially when a new trend, sound, or look reaches the surface. Sure, some categorization is necessary (specifically when making a regional or periodic distinction), but some are just absurd: “backpack rap”, “trance-hop”, and other sorry tags are segmenting what are essentially different manifestations of the same art. Hip-hop media has taken it too far with their latest moniker: “hipster rap,” which tries to describe the sounds coming from the underground and progressive street culture. click here for article

Cool short article:What is a Negro Hipster

Best deinition of Hipster Rap I’ve seen


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    Just a quick note of thanks for your kind shout-out. I’ve picked up your RSS feed and look forward to checking out the blog going forward.

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