Best of 2008 Part 1#

Everyone else has a list here’s mine

Best TV Anchor
Sure this was the year that Keith Olberman became a cable celebrity, and Katie Couric found her footing, but it was Chris Mathews that took journalism back to new hieghts by doing it the old skool way

Above one of the many Republicans he laid to waste in 2008

Best Book Promo

I have no idea what its about, but I want to know more

Second best book Promo

Takes the book promo to an eerie new level

Best interview and prediction of election outcome
Mos Def and Cornell West on Real Time

Heated and often outrageous , but it was a dialogue this country needs

Bravest Moment
Oprah uses her star power to endors Obama and explains why

Best Magazine Cover

   Of course it was crass, but it went to the heart of the issue

Mo tomorrow


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