Best of 2008 #2

Best Comic Series

Forget those over long cross book series that DC and Marvel create to syphon your dollars. The best was 100 Bullets, a smart series with a loyal and even smarter fan base

Happiest Moment on TV

Watching Fox news announce that Obama won!

When the announcement was made, the camera panned out as not to show the anchors faces, and yes this is an image from MSNBC, you wont find any footage of the racist network’s announcement

Best Movie

Batman Dark Knight

You’ve seen the movie, you know why

Best Runner Up

Mamet film ask’s is there honor in anything, a masterpiece

Best Video

I’ll give it to Kanye, he’s not afraid to go there

Best CD

I’m sorry folks, these girls are in their 60’s and they come with it, from gospel to outrageous Back to Now delivers

Image of the Year
Lets face it, art is back in politics and not since Che has a single image dominated the media all this, and Sheppard Fairy allowed it to used for free

The Speech of the Century

Obama solidified MLK legacy with this short yet powerful speech that we repeated over and over again

Moment of the Year, Obama wins


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