Anger in Oakland, A True Urban Horror

In my novel Night Biters a Tale of Urban Horror, I write about Oakland police Officers giving them due respect, but none is shared for the BART police, whom I also write about, whose MO seems to be that of intimidation, with little over site there’s little surprise that an officer would commit such an heinous act in broad day light, and I think it speaks to an even larger issue of how BART is managed and a deep rooted bitterness toward the poor communities BART serves, example BART is one of the most expensive transit systems in the country. It is nearly impossible for poor to get a job at BART as they claim there are no entry level jobs. And after 911, it was common to officers don in dark glasses walking the aisle with dogs. Sure, it’s for the safety of all, but it does something to your psyche. This was a situation bound to happen

The shooting occurred two weeks ago, early on New Year’s morning. Grant and his friends were heading home to the East Bay aboard a BART train after celebrating New Year’s Eve in San Francisco when a fight broke out between two groups of riders. BART police met the train at Oakland’s Fruitvale station and demanded that passengers disembark.

In videos that have been broadcast on television and viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the Internet, a uniformed officer later identified as Mehserle stands over a prostrate Grant, pulls his gun and fires point-blank into Grant’s back.


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  1. mimi says:

    I feel sorry for this police officer. He was so scared because all the black people do is shoot cops and assault them. Black people kill cops every day. What was this cop supposed to think. I say they give the 25 million dollars for the wrongful death suit back to the city to rebuild whatever was burnt and tore up and destroyed. What gave these lowlifes the right to destroy other peoples property? Just blacks showing their true ignorance time and time again. How many blacks are allowed to walk free bcause they are black? How many crimes must they get away with because they are black? How many freebies do you think you should get because your black? Black people need to grow up and get a life and really get a clue!!! And further more there isnt a white person on the planet who doesnt know what i am talking about.


    1. ajharper says:

      Although he may have been afraid, his fellow officers were just as stunned by his actions. They were in control of the situation. He had more to fear from the by-standers than the man pressed face down on the ground


  2. Bill in Ct. says:

    This is Racist America. It’s not the first and it won’t be the last time some innocent black person will be murder by a white racist police officer. The racist criminal system that allow these things to keep happening and you can’t name anytime, where you have ever seen a white cop go to jail for murdering a black person, even when it’s caught on video. Just look at this countries history and it will tell it all. Every up rising in this country over the decades have been because some white cop killed a black person. I’m a 45yr old African American man and I would love to see someone tell me about a story of a black cop, beating or shooting an white person and getting away with it, just find me one story of that happening and I’ll tell you 20 stories of a black person getting beat or murdered by a white cop.


    1. ajharper says:

      Though I agree with your sentiment, I honestly don’t think race was as much an issue as BART being completely callous to the poor of whatever race


  3. Bill in Ct. says:

    why don’t I see or hear about the some story that happen in New Orleans on the some night of this murder. A young black man was shot a killed in front of his parents home, he was shot at 45 times and 14 bullets hit him in the back and killed him. Why isn’t anyone reporting on that story. Go check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


    1. ajharper says:

      You’re right, I will post on it next week


  4. hANOVER fIST says:

    These idiots just don’t understand…having morons posing as “Law Enforcement Officers” will only ensure that racial tensions will continue.

    There are two very offensive things that have occurred, besides the MURDER of Oscar Grant III:

    1. The officer resigned, rather than being FIRED;

    2. The (ex)-officer is now pleading NOT GUILTY.

    Why waste our time, idiot? Why did you resign, if only to illustrate that YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG?!?


    1. ajharper says:

      That is it in a nut shell


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