8 Things NEVER to Say to a Mixed-Race Colleague

Here’s an article written by Yoji Cole  from the series at www.diversityinc.com. This article describes 8 things you should never say to a mixed-race colleague:

1.  “What are you?”

2.  “What is your nationality?” or “You look foreign”

3.  “You’re all beautiful” or “You make beautiful babies”

4.  “Are you X or Y?” or “Which side are you more on?”

5.  “How in the world did your parents meet?”

6.  “You’re the future” or “You have the best of both worlds”

7.  “You don’t look …” or “You’re not …” or “You sound white”

8.  “Aren’t we all mixed anyway?”

Remember to visit www.diversityinc.com/thingsnottosay to read the full article.


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