Tavis Smiley, Hater at the 2009 State of Black Union

Although Tavis Smiley is a hero to most African Americans (your’s included) his dislike for Obama is disturbing and apparently obvious to all (read article)  Although he never stated it, Tavis appears to be a Clinton supporter, yet, titled his newest book “Accountable”, and features Obama on the cover. Below are comments from the 2009 State of the Black Union(SOBU)  from guests and Youtube  commenters. Tavis you are a Hater, better change it up

sweetscorp (

I watched the afternoon session of the SOTBU, and Tavis was really disappointing. The panel was great, but Tavis just can’t let the last two SOTBUs go. Tavis we understand that President Obama didn’t kiss your ass like President Clinton did, but you are really making your dislike of him obvious now, Mr. Robinson you dropped some serious knowledge on the hypocrisy of Tavis and some others when it comes down to President Clinton. President Clinton was not good for African Americans or other Blacks around the world. I hope people start opening their eyes. Thank you.

rlw10101010I love the smile Lani had before she responded to Tavis’s veiled criticism of Obama (i.e., he’s an elitist who’s only interested in helping Blacks who are on his level). In a very intelligent, articulate manner, she set him straight. The “Black agenda” is the “American agenda”, they’re not mutually exclusive.

Lani Guinier at Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union 2009


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  1. renee says:

    I can not believe SOME black folks are upset with Tavis over Obama. Tavis is all or half right on this issue and SOME black folks need to stop putting on a white face just to please white folks.


    1. ApprxAm says:

      Lady, please.

      You say he’s “all or half right”, what ever that means, right after stating that “some blacks” are upset.

      Now….if one is upset, and if being so is emotional, not chosen, then how can that possibly be a symptom of “putting on a white face” to please anyone?

      Renee, you’re exactly what’s wrong with public discourse in the community. You shoot down, not only ideas that are different than yours, but the very feelings that form them in first place. You’ve probably been on a jury in which you set free a criminal because he was black and the “White Man’s police” blamed, arrested and prosecuted yet another Brother. Leaving the community at large to have to deal with his criminality, once again. Sister, your short-sighted and crude logic is dangerous and needs to be examined; unfortunately it’s a self examination and I doubt you’ve either the intellectual prowess or the self-honesty to pull it off.

      God help those around you, really.


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