Oakland from Urban Horror 2 Urban Tragedy

“I remember when Sgt. Mark Dunakin hugged my son and told him to do good in school and keep playing basketball”

Alameda County Sheriff

That’s how a Sherrif discribed Sgt. Mark Dunakin to me, not as a officer but as a man

Tension between police and the community has risen steadily since the fatal shooting of unarmed 22-year-old Oscar Grant by a transit police officer at an Oakland train station on Jan. 1.


That former Bay Area Rapid Transit officer, Johannes Mehserle, pleaded not guilty to a murder charge. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March23. Violent protests erupted on the streets of Oakland in the weeks after Grant’s death, further inflaming tensions.

Many in the community saw this coming, I wonder will many of the community organizers tha helped to fan the flames of anger will be on hand to help organize when incidents of police brutality increase now that officers will be more wary when they ask an African American driver to pull over

As word seaped out about the 4 police sergents being shot in Oakland, while some expressed glee other expressed concern that the police would be retaliating. They said the block would be hot and everybody would be subjected to a police force bent on seeking revenge.

KC Carter noted that it will be important for the police to re-establish their position where fear is a main component. In fact, he noted this shooting may have harsh effects all across the country, because police in Texas, police in New York, police in Oakland and everywhere in between do not want people in communities they patrol to get in their heads its ok to shoot cops with no push back. He said expect to state to push back in Black and Brown communities where folks are likely to not be so sympathetic to these officers being gunned down in Oakland. click for full article

West Oakland artist Jern-Eye of the group Lunar Heights cautioned folks to not see the slaying of these officers of some sort of victory. He recounted the types of challenges West Oakland residents went through last time an officer was killed. He stated that everyone caught hell. He added that it would be important for the community to use this tragedy to come together and rise above the fray. he said it was important for us to build up the community and make it a safe productive place for the youth. A tit foir tat battle with the police will not be constructive in the long run. click for full article

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