Hip Hop in Spain

Spain is clearly a country with issues, racism being the first issu to come to mind. However, Spain is one of the first to take on the U.S. for its acts of torture.  Hip hop is also a growing phenomenon in Spain

Spain: According to the 1999  report The rap scene is not strong in Spain, mainly because there is no Black community and no real organization of the hip hop underground movement. Only one band has achieved some success, Mission Hispana, all young Spanish kids.

Sergio Alcover is the most prominent black dance and music artist in Spain. Born in Valencia, to a Guinean father and a Spanish mother, Alcover is the face of Hip Hop dance in Spain read more

Spanish hip hop music began in the late 1980s. Break dance crews used mainly American recordings, while local rappers practised for very small underground audiences. A few rock bands, like Os Resentidos, Kortatu

and TDK tried and recorded some approaches to hip hop music, but kept most of their hard rock background.

In 1989 Troya Dscs&Rcrs label released the first Spanish hip hop LP: Madrid Hip Hop, a compilation of four bands from the province of Madrid: DNI, Estado Crítico, Sindicato del Crimen and QSC. The record presented two cuts of each band.  Later in 1989, Ariola major label tried a new push to establish some hip hop stars, with a new compilation of Madrilene hip hop music: Rappin Madrid, introduced more solists and groups, like MC Randy & D.J. Jonco.
Both attempts mostly failed, but helped to establish a viable scene in Madrid. Zona Bruta, the first Spanish hip hop specialised label, was founded in 1994. Some Spanish rappers are African.


Click here 2 see and hear  Last FM’s  more complete list

Just a few short years ago, 7 Notas, 7 Colores had been relegated to milk carton status. Notably absent from the music scene since the early turn of the century, fans were left wondering, “Where have they gone?” All that changed in 2007 when they reemerged with a new lineup and the fresh single, “Tenemos Droga”.

Rewind to 1993 in Barcelona, Spain. Hip Hop was still a few years away from its global explosion and there were only a handful of serious emcees actively honing their craft in this European Union member. Full-fledged Hip Hop crews were even more of a rare commodity. Ironically and unfortunately, one of these scarce rap groups had to disintegrate before 7 Notas could be birthed. At the time, there was a notable underground crew called Los Poetas Violentos. An aspiring young emcee named Mucho Muchacho (birth name Oliver Gallego) handed his demo to Dive Dibosso, the group’s producer, one evening after a performance. So floored by what he heard on the tape, Dibosso soon after left Los Poetas to pursue a musical avenue with Muchacho. And so from the ashes of Los Poetas Violentos rose the story of 7 Notas, 7 Colores (translates to 7 Notes [as in Do Re Mi…], 7 Colors [as in red, yellow, blueâ



Check out Notas 7


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