Excuse my French


After Obama’s triump speech today in StrasbergFrance lets consider all things Afro French

Afro-French is a term that is used to refer to those French people who are of Black African ancestry. There are around 3-4 million Afro-French people living in France (both metropolitan and overseas), according to a CSA survey.

Most of the Afro-French people, living in France, came from West Africa, followed by other Sub-Saharan African countries and the Caribbean Islands. Around 65% of the Afro-French community is Muslim (predominantly West Africans and a large number of Central Africans and converts), followed by Christian believers who make up 20-30% (mainly from HaitiGuadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean and Central African countries like Cameroon and DR Congo) and the rest practicing traditional religions.  source wikipedia

Click here for list of countries, religeon and origins

Détours des Mondes

Arts d’Afrique… Arts lointains, Peuples du Monde






One of the most beautiful art sites on the web, even if you can’t read French the art will leave you in awe

Spirit of Black Paris

In need of some updating, but a great spot for an overview of life in Paris from a black perspective

Walking the Spirit Tours












Walking The Spirit Tours – the most indepth and entertaining series of year-round tours of Black Paris.

ESPN Black History Month












If you are a soccer fan, you know that Pele called Lilian Thuram one of the 125 greatest soccer players of all time. Thuram, who turned 37 this January, led the 1998 French team to the World Cup and appeared in 16 European championships, retiring in 2008 after a heart problem was discovered. He recently was selected as a member of the federal council of the French Football Federation. Click to read more

Of Course French Hip Hop


Possibly the best site on all things Black and European, offering opinions that are not popular, but definetly through black eyes (example below)

“I’ve watched the trailer of the award winning (Cannes) flick ‘Entre les murs’ (The Class). It’s a story about a French language teacher in a multicultural inner city high school classroom in Paris. One of the action parts of the film is a young black kid who explodes in de class room, because he’s being touched. But that boy looks so much like the stereotype black kid at risk in a ghetto school in the US.  I’ve seen these scene’s before.”



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