Woverine, the Secret is Out

Wolverine is not a great film, its not even a good film. After a stunning opener, with Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting side by side through every war fought on U.S. soil the rest of the film  is reduced to  all the expected stereotypes.   What makes Wolverine worth watching is for the first time Logan’s origin is  explained and this time it’s definitive.


Over the 30 odd years this character has been around, Marvel for whatever silly reason felt it important that Logans history remain a mystery, that by revealing his origin the character would lose  its appeal.

This has resulted in more confusion than the character was worth?

Is Logan from Canada or the U.S.?

Is Sabertooth Wolverines father or the other way around?

How is it Logan dosent know his past?

Other writers have attempted to address Logan’s origin, example:  When Grant Morrison did his historic run on New X Men he explained While on board the Weapon Plus satellite, Wolverine also learns about his mysterious past, which we never see, but is apparently so upsetting that it causes Logan to attempt suicide. click here for full article  

 Marvel ignored Grants explanation (which really wasn’t an explanation)  choosing to capitlize on that interest by releasing a mini, then ongoing  series called Origins. Which still explained very little.

Once you watch Wolverine however all those questions are answered and now that its on the big screen, Marvel has to change the character to fit the Hollywood version. And I for one am happy the secrets out

See it!


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