Straight Out of Sudan

WITH his blue jeans, dreadlocks and lilting accent, it is difficult to imagine Emmanuel Jal as a bald, battle-hardened 12-year-old wielding an AK-47.But it has taken mental and emotional fortitude for the 29-year-old to front up at the Sydney Writers Festival this week and again dredge up the memories of his horrific childhood. Jal was only a small boy when war broke out in Sudan in the mid-1980s between the Islamic regime in the north and the mainly Christian south. click to read more

While his policeman father joined the guerilla Sudan People’s Liberation Army, Jal fled his home in southern Sudan as a seven-year-old with his siblings and mother, who was later murdered.

– Rapper Emmanuel Jal was one of the “Lost Boys” — youths caught up in violence in Sudan. He later escaped to Kenya. Now he’s making music about peace.

Emmanuel Jal plays at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday party concert and is described by Peter Gabriel

as an artist with ‘the potential of a young Bob Marley’

NPR article click here

10 Questions: Emmanuel Jal  Time Magazine



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