Losing its Vibe

Vibe Magazine used to be a staple in the hip hop community, but ever since Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith took over, the ship has been slowly sinking. I think we could say that she is single handedly responsible for Vibe Magazine falling apart.Recently, a story was published in Vibe which listed the Top 50 Hip Hop Blogs out today. If you look at their list, it’s clear to see that Vibe has NO CLUE what the kids are looking at. Ever since Danyel took over it seems like Vibe is detached with what’s going on in the entertainment world. A magazine that started out as something that hip-hop fans could be proud of has quickly turned into a magazine hip hop fans are ashamed of. click here for full article

Black rock artists have gotten past the fear that prevents many of us from fully following our interests, even when those interests aren’t seen as “traditionally” black. “I grew up listening to Joy Division, New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, the Cure….” says TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone. “I simply identified with something in the [white rock] music.” He took that music as inspiration and, along with his bandmates, created Dear Science, the sharp, angry and euphoric genre-mashing album that Rolling Stone and SPIN unanimously named their 2008 album of the year. It was also one of the blackest albums I’ve heard. click here for full article


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