The energy of money and how to make more of it

The pursuit of making more money has an energy to it. If you are focused and have clear goals in mind and you concentrate on them every day and take action you can and will create more abundance in your life.

Is money the root of all evil?

We have been programmed to believe that the pursuit of money is bad and it’s not good for the soul. This is without doubt one of the biggest lies we have been told as children, that and Santa Claus (I was gutted when I was told that Santa was a lie and I was 23 imagine how children feel!)

You’ve more than likely heard these sayings in your life:

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees you know’
‘We can’t afford it’
‘Money can’t buy you happiness’
‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’
‘To make more money you have to work harder’
‘Money is the root of all evil’
Until you rid yourself of the guilt of trying to better yourself financially you can’t begin to create more money into your life. We’ll speak about four steps to creating more money in your life a bit later but for now I’d like to speak about the difference between greed and making more mone

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