I like the Show

I caught Out of Jimmy’s Brain on TV while in a Toronto, and liked it,  it was funny, multicultural and smart.  I make it  back to the states , looked the show up on the web, and learned that just as most shows good or bad, have a fan base,  Out of Jimmy’s Brain has a strong hate base.  I mean adults who actually HATE the series. Why do I say adults? because kids and teens don’t hate shows, why place energy into something you don’t like when there are so many other shows worth watching?

I found that the hate was grounded in two areas

1#  the Animation Purist

The new TV series  Out of Jimmy’s Brain drew 1.4 million viewers a few weeks back, some critical raves  from sources like Hollywood Reporter, but has also received a high level of criticism within the  animation community. The flap centers around Cartoon Network’s recent movement away from cartoons. Please read the message board post about the premiere episode:

2# Lastly, Jimmy’s (Dominic Jane) best friend is black, played by Jon Kent Ethridge no big deal, we see it all the time. But the affection of Jimmy’s eye s also black played by Tanashe Kachingwe Methinks an interactial relationship in a teen show maybe more than some of our more narrow minded viewers can take, hence the strong feelings

I for one can’t wait for it to come out on DVD, chech it out for yourself

Out of Jimmy’s Head is a series extension of the hit Cartoon Network Original movie “Re-Animated.”

The live-action/animated hybrid comedy focuses on Jimmy Roberts and how he copes with everyday life with a cartoon entourage.

In the sitcom, Jimmy attends school, aspires to be popular, deals with his dysfunctional family and chases a girl like any 12-year-old kid.

However, the chaos that comes from having cartoon characters involved in his life makes being normal

nearly impossible.



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