Racist accusing others of Racism

What is a racist? A person that accuses a black person of being a Nazi, plain and simple. Adolf Hitler was the biggest champion of racism in the twentieth century. He exterminated six million Jews because he believed they were an inferior race. He also believed that Asians and Negroes were “inferior” to the White race (source) The republic party are going out of thier way to interrupt townhall meeting and call Obama a Nazi with the hopes that opened minded whites will narrow their view of the world and see things their way. This action is not from a group of outsiders but from the  republican party.  Last year  Karl Rove made the statement ” Obama reminds him of “the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by.” Honestly how many blacks can afford or are even allowed in a country club? only a few, why? because people like Karl Rove don’t want them in their country club

But instead of having a debate about health care we see pundits paid by the health care agency stirring up crowds who have more of an issue with Obama’s race than health care policy’s they probably need

who is this crowd? the same racist that have always occupied this country

Then, protesting intergration
Then, protesting intergration
Now  Protesting Healthcare
Now Protesting Healthcare

Whats interesting is that they refuse to see that the USA is changing, with or without them, also interesting they refuse to acknowledge that their actions are the most un american the country they are so quickly to defend
Racist calling historical victims of racism, racist how sad and how un American

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  1. edbooked says:

    Generally speaking, when it comes to recists, it takes one to know one. Otherwise, one is using one’s imaginative faculties to conjure up images. Disdain, even hatred, for those who are different is not limited to any one race. Experiences tend to help folks form attitudes that are frequently generalized onto a broader sprectrum of society. Overcoming adverse experiences is a life long challenge not unique to any one individual, but common to all humanity, regardless of race.
    Discrimination, on the other hand, may be a different matter. Humans should be righteously indignant when they observe evil deeds. Humanity is called upon to discriminate between good and evil, to chatize that which is evil and applaud that which is good. Unfortuneately, concepts of good and evil may sometimes be, like art, in the eye of the beholder. When contemplating such concepts critical thinking skills become extremely important, considering emotional impacts, but not limiting one’s examination and evaluation of experiences to emotional aspects alone.


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