Obama Speaks to school children (save my children!)

I watch the news less and less these days, with the exception of Public Broadcasting, most cable network news is all spin this includes MSNBC, Fox is not even an after thought. For the sake of ratings they are willing to have the most assinign discussion this side of reality TV The latest is that Parent are Concern about Obama speech to Children Cuting to the quick, lets be clear the only parents concern about this speech are a minority, because the majority, especially people of color, the idea of their child seeing a president that looks like them encouraging them to study is a God send


What is sad is that this small and small minded group has gotten so much attention, what should be highlighted is that these parents are doing themselves and thier children a major diservice, this country is changing and children will have to compete on a multitude of levels

And you know who else is watching? the rest of the world


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