The First Filipino Werewolf part 2

In Were Wolves the Mix Tape, I continue to stretch what horror looks like by introducing what I believe is the first Filipino Were Wolf

I’m not completely sure that I have the definitive Were Wolf , but this is what my research has uncovered

Over at Werewolves Worst Nightmare there’s  the Pinoy Werewolves (First Clan Established)t

The book that nearly made me recant is A Filipino Werewolf in QC, An Author’s Notebook, though it appears to be the authors musings of his travel

I’ll keep looking


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  1. Cody says:

    we are doing a Book Project for english 9th Grade, and i read your book Night Biters. I think it’s a Fantasic book and im looking for the sequel. Mrs.Kruger got a book from you from myspace and i wanted to know if you’d be willing to answer 8 questions for my book project.
    If you dont mind, i can be emailed at Thank you So Much.


    1. ajharper says:

      I would be honored


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