Kiely Please!!!!!

The only thing worse than Kiely Williams song and video “Spectacular” is her explanation

Its clear Keily wanted to do something akin to Jaimie Foxx’s Blame it” (which is also questionable,) but from her video response to the outrage toward her song  I wonder if she even knows what date rape is.  I’m sure the feedback she’s getting is not what she was expecting

The lyrics

“You can say what you want but
You can call me a slut but
What he did to me last night felt so good
I must have been on drugs
I hope he used a rubber
Or I’mma be in trouble
Promise I don’t remember
Except for
Give it to me, give it to me
Ooh baby what a ride ride
Oh ride ride
So smooth like it beats
I like the heat
Ooh baby what a night night
Right right”

The  Out Rage

The Video

The Dumb Response

Its amazing that this is the same person that was giving teen advice online. Listen to her giving advice to a teen about an abusive boyfriend

The last Word


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