Black Vampires in Film

Taken from from an article written by Bertena Varney

Vampires have always been known as seductive creatures of the night They have pale skin, glowing eyes, and very sharp sexy phallic like fangs. When one says vampire they often think of the very dark Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire, and of course the beautiful vampires in the Twilightmovies. But so often there are another group of vampires that are often overlooked- Black Vampires. They are very sensual and sexy creatures. They range from the blaxpoitation of early film to very strong lead characters such as Blade. So in honor of Black History Month,  I have compiled a list of the very few black vampires in film.

Here is the list based on their release date from older to recent:

1. Blacula– 1972. William Marshall plays Prince Mamuwalde, the ruler of an African nation, who seeks the help of Count Dracula to help stop the slave trade. Dracula, who along with his other evils is revealed as a racist, not only refuses to help but also transforms Mamuwalde into a vampire and renames him Blacula. It is the first of the blaxpoitation horror films.
2. Ganja and Hess – 1973. Archaeologist, Dr. Hess Green who becomes a vampire after being stabbed with an ancient cursed dagger by his assistant and then falls in love with his assistant’s widow, Ganja. The film stars Marlene Jones and Duane Gunn.
3. Vamp- 1986. Stars Grace Jones as a vampire who challenges fraternity boys to survive til dawn.
4. Vampire in Brooklyn– 1995. Sexy Eddie Murphy play Maximillian, a vampire who is searching for his soul mate, NYPD, Rita Veder.

Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn

5. Kindred: the Embraced- 1996. Erik King plays the Detective Sonny Toussaint, a vampire who helps protect the masquerade of the vampires. This television show ended after the first season after the real life death of the lead actor, Mark Frankel.
6. The Blade Trilogy: Blade– 1998, Blade II- 2002, and Blade Trinity- 2004. Wesley Snipes plays a daywalker. His mother was turned to a vampire and it affected him prior to birth. This sexy vampire has some of the qualities of vampires such as the need of while being able to walk in the sunlight. Blade was probably the first movie to really draw attention to the black vampire as a sex symbol as well as serious vampire movie.
7. Dracula 2000– 2000. Marcs played by Omar Epps is a supporting character in this story of how Dracula came to be.
8. Queen of the Damned- 2002. Aaliyah, singer and actress portrayed Queen Akasha, the Mother of all Vampires. Lestast’s music waits the Queen and the story begins. This film is based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle Series. This was the actress’ last movie because she killed during filming. She was a very talented and sexy vampire in the film.
9. Twilight- 2009. Laurent, the member of the “bad” vampires in Twilight was a wonderful sight on screen. His sexy abs, long hair, and stunning eyes make him very sexy. He was very stunning on screen and played the character very well.

Who will be the next sexy black vampire?

Well, according to the MTV website Snoop is a he fan of True Blood so much so that he went so far to ask on camera if the producers would allow him to play a vampire on a future show. Snoop has in the past played a ghost in the horror movie Bones.

Who knows he may be the next black vampire. What do you think?

Unfortunately, there have not been very many black vampires or movies but as the popularity of the seductive monster increases maybe there will be more black vampires in film.

What are your thoughts on this?


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