Nadja Benaissa a Tales of Urban Horror

The Tales of Urban Horror series is more than just teens facing vampires, werewolves and other supernatural phenomenon, it’s also a cautionary tale to warn reader of big city dangers. I wrote a scene in Werewolves the Mix Tape in which protagonist, 16 year. Jamilah Jackson meets a man at a party He is charming, a great dancer exposes her to Ecstasy, and plans to sleep with her. She is unaware that he’s HIV positive, un-protective sex with him is equivalent to a death sentence. He knows it, yet, doesn’t care. He contracted it, now he’s going to do to others that which was done to him. The character is described as handsome and desirable, but in his heart he is as much a monster, as any zombie, or ghoul

I don’t know German singer Nadja Benaissa of the band No Angels, but her actions according to news reports fits the description of monstrous

Read her story here

At its heart Tales of Urban Horror  is a story of forgiveness and redemption, I wish the both for Ms. Benaissa

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