Black Panther Redux & Reduced

Marvel has just announced that the Black Panther will be replacing Daredevil in his comic. Instead of ruling Wakanda This BP will apparently haunting the alleys of Hells Kitchen.

I applaud Marvel for continuing to use BP, but they should stop. Stan Lee had a true vision of the character something that the folks currently running things clearly don’t have. Despite that he never had any real authority over the character Christopher Priest wrote the definitive BP. Despite editorial changes his writing and treatment of the character rose above whatever the character was involved in. Interestingly Priest even wrote the first hardcore street BP, so what we see in the Daredevil will again be something that Priest did first. Its simple Marvel, bring the man back

The Dollar Bin has given  possibly the best interview of Priest ever, where he talks at length (one Hour) about his run on BP click here for interview


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