Are Too Many Cat Lovers Writing Werewolf Stories?

Wolves are VERY intelligent, probably in the top 10 of the World’s most intelligent creatures. Although nowhere near the intelligence of Humans, apes or dolphins , they certainly  rank above bears and domesticated dogs and are perhaps equal with big cats and are only slightly behind pigs and carrion crows. That said, I continue to be amazed at how werewolves are treated on shows like True Blood, mutts to be kicked around) the Underworld series, (slaves) Harry Potter series (cursed,  and forced to live outside of normal society and steal food to survive) even in Stephanie Meyer series the werewolf for all of his loyalty (couldn’t get the girl.)

I’m a vampire fan, my first novel Night Biters was about vampires, Werewolves the Mix Tape is about a Werewolf.

But Mix Tape also address something that I’m not seeing  in other stories, that werewolves are intelligent, loyal, brave and extremely social. In Mix Tape, my werewolf abandons his pack to save his human friend because he was loyal to her before he was a werewolf. In my forthcoming novel, Smoke and Demons, exploits the fact  that when the chips are down, werewolves are the paranormal beast you want around

wiki answers states that Wolves are also in the top 10 most MISUNDERSTOOD animals, I guess that also apply to werewolves.


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  1. i love cats and werewolve/vampires stories. never knew there was a connection between the two. maybe it’s the love for animals. wereolves are somehow like dogs, intelligent, unselfish, loyal, etc…


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