PRINCELESS: Indie Comic Turns Princess Stories on Their Head

By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor
posted: 21 February 2012 06:02 pm ET
Adrienne is a princess. Adrienne hates being a princess. Adrienne specifically hates that as a princess, she’s required to wait in a tower guarded by a dragon for a prince to rescue her. Adrienne has decided to take matters into her own hands. With her dragon and her considerable wits by her side, she rescues herself and sets out to turn the kingdom on its head.

That’s the premise for Princeless, an all-ages series from Action Lab Entertainment that’s been building acclaim since its debut late last year, and will feature its first collection in April. We spoke with writer Jeremy Whitley about how he created this new series, and turning the princess myth on its head.

Newsarama: Jeremy, how did Princeless come about?

Jeremy Whitley: I’ve loved comics my whole life, but I don’t feel like they’ve done a solid and consistent job of appealing to a larger audience. When I talk to my wife’s sisters, for the most part they’ve never picked up a comic book.

Who can blame them? As young black women there was nothing there that represented or spoke to them. I want my daughter to be able to share the love of comics I’ve had, and I think I’m not the only parent who feels that way.

Nrama: That is something notable in the book, though not directly commented upon, Adrienne and her family being black – fantasy is often a lily-white field of storytelling.

Whitley: Well, Adrienne has always been black from the first pages of this book I wrote. I wanted a character who represented a group of women who are very rarely represented in comics or fantasy stories.

When I saw The Princess and the Frog, it bothered me that Disney felt the need to place this story in the real world. When Thor came out, it bothered me that so many people reacted negatively to Idris Elba being Heimdall. read full interview

Read Action Lab interview

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