Stereotypes about continental African women


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A guest post by commenter phoebeprunelle:

Because Africa always gets a bad rap in the Western media, not many of its positive aspects are in the forefront of the minds of most Americans. What they see is black women who do not wear tops and speak an odd language. Here are some of the most popular stereotypes about continental African women (note I am not speaking of African American women):

  • Bush Girl/Woman – These are the women who live in isolated, often very hot, dry regions in Africa. They wear no tops, but bottoms, they are sharing a husband with other women of their clan/village. They have weird body mods i.e. neck rings, large disk implanted in their bottom lips, etc. They generally do not speak English.
  • The City Girl – The city girl is a spoiled, well- to-do, whiny young African woman. She ranges in age from 17 to…

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