something is wrong with Spoek Mathambo he needs serious help, (more publicity)


Spoek Mathambo makes the Afro-futurists look old school. With the arrival of his second album, Father Creeper, he’s one man building up an army to make his creative visions reality, rewriting any artistic laws in his way.

The title Father Creeper is a reference to a classic in the world of sleazy South African tv jingles (it is by pure coincident that the ditty is sung by the fiercely named, obscure rogue of a lounge singer, Kalashnikov).

Johannesburg’s Spoek Mathambo (real name: Nthato Mokgata) first hotwired our world with a series of collaborative projects – Sweat X, Playdoe – that placed his smart, dirty vocals on top of electro-rap bangers that activated dancefloors across the globe. Things went darker and deeper with his 2010 debut album, Mshini Wam (translation: ‘bring me my machine’), a record which took Spoek’s love affair with South African culture and his coined ”township tech” as a starting point. As always, he pulled those influences in a direction all his own (think: a pitched-down wobble-house cover of Joy Divisions “She’s Lost Control”). Mathambo topped things off with a grip of visually thrilling videos depicting a fresh-to- death urban gothic vibe, not to mention months of touring across US, Europe, and South America.

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