Smoke & Demons Crazy Stuff This, Book Review

Smoke & Demons Single Cover copy (2)

Oakland Magazine review 

Smoke & Demons, A Tale of Urban Horror, Book 3, by A.J. Harper (A.J. Harper, 2011, pp. 356, $15.99)
Vampires in Oakland, Berkeley and Compton, plus multi-ethnic characters populate this young adult horror tale of dreadlocked, pot-smoking Omari whose nightmares are inhabited by life-threatening demons. The evildoers eventually haunt the sleep of Omari’s sister Jamilah and friend Dragonbrush, and there their odyssey begins. Omari’s world is full of familiar SF Bay Area landmarks such as the Trans America Pyramid, the Bay Bridge, BART stations and U.C. Berkeley where he has puzzling and unfamiliar encounters with drug lords, mad scientists, vampires and demons in a crazy mixed up world. A.J. Harper is Oaklander Adrian Harper who developed the notion of edgy horror fiction in an urban setting with multi-ethnic influences to entertain his daughters, fans of the Harry Potter and Twilight series. Crazy stuff, this.


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