2012 the Year Black Females Ruled in Comics Pt2


Most writers of super heroes comics aren’t effective at writing woman It’s up to the artist to punch up her outstanding qualities Black woman seem to be a greater challenge as some view them as intimidating (I’m not talking about you dear reader) this ignorance and fear results in stereotypical depictions that reinforces those negative images and fantasy’s. 99.9% of the Afro wearing, big breasted, big bottom half cybernetic killing machines that can change weather patterns with a mood swing are in relationships with white men. Example I. Example II  Example III  Example IV Example VI

It’s easier to believe that earth will be invaded by aliens and protected by mutants than the notion of a healthy black relationship. It should be noted that  99.9% of the characters listed are written by white men. This is not a condemnation, as it appears writers in good faith are consciously including sisters in their stories and although there are the stereotypes there’s also some fully developed characters.  This is also a good place to start a conversation about the depiction of women in comics in  general and women of color in particular. check out  Part 1

on to the super ladies

Amanda the Wall Waller 

Suicide Squad/Team Seven

Despite not possessing any superpowers, Amanda Waller has persistently proven herself a powerful foe of the superheroes of the DC universe as well as an antihero. In 2009, Amanda Waller was ranked asIGN‘s 60th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

Amanda Waller Suicide Squad Team 7 new DC 52

New 52

Waller is shown to be in direct command of the Suicide Squad, choosing its members and having final say over when and if their implanted explosives are detonated. It is revealed that she requested a command of a unit she could send to their deaths without regret after an operation she was involved in resulted in the death of all other squad members, including several she had personally recruited. She was also involved with Team 7 in some capacity, which led to her temporarily leaving the spy business. Then there was the controversy over her weight loss

Cammi and Anna Ryker/Deathlocket

Avengers Arena2 Marvel

What is this fascination with meshing black folks with machines? This is clearly a white issue

Cammi is a normal girl who got mixed up with Drax the Destroyer. Cammi doesn’t seem to be able to filter ideas that would be considered rude before stating them. read her strange origin here 

Anna Ryder When a Deathlok was sent into the past by rebels to kill one of his creator, Harlan Ryker, he instead killed his son and wife, and wounded his daughter. Ryker made the impossible decision  to save her, turning her in a new form of Deathlok, made from living bodies and not dead ones.

Natasha Irons  Vaporlock


Natasha Irons is a superhero in the DC Universe and the niece of John Henry Irons (the superhero Steel). Natasha first appears in Steel (vol. 2) #1 (February 1994). She becomes the fourth superhero to use the name Steel when her uncle is injured. In the 2006 limited series 52, Natasha gains superpowers and uses the codename Starlight. When her powers change, allowing her to become a being of living mist she assumes the codename Vaporlock.

Ame-Comi Batgirl #3

Misty Knight Heroes for Hire

Misty Knight  established herself as “Control” and started Heroes for Hire once again. She was kidnapped by Puppet Master and placed in an artificially induced coma while he used new technology, filtered through her bionic arm, to recruit and enslave several heroes. Misty’s will proved to be too strong, and she resisted the drugs keeping her sedate, but her awakening almost got her killed by a mind-controlled Punisher. She severed Puppet Master’s hold on every hero he managed to manipulate but was unable to find out anything else because Punisher shot Puppet Master, leaving him in a coma. Misty was ready to shut down Heroes for Hire, but Paladin convinced her to keep going on her terms and maybe find out who truly orchestrated her kidnapping. click to read more

Cecelia Reyes  Astonishing X-Men

Although she is still more comfortable healing humans than fighting superhumans, Cecilia Reyes is part of the new team composed by Wolverine. Alongside Northstar, Iceman, Beast, Gambit and Warbird,

Idie Okonkwo

Wolverine and the New Mutants

Jason Aaron, Nick Bradshaw and Chris Bachalo

Idie (pronounced “Ih-Dyay”) is a fourteen-year-old girl from Delta State, Nigeria when her powers manifest. The first manifestation of her powers causes her village to burn down, and when she starts to freeze things as well, she is considered by the locals to be a witch. By the time Storm and Hope arrive, Idie’s family and friends have been killed. Hope stabilizes Idie’s powers, and Idie uses her new abilities to drive away the paramilitary group that was attempting to kill her.

From her introduction, Idie is shown to have deep religious reservations with respect to her status as a mutant. She has viewed herself as a “monster” and has wished her mutation was obvious  so that her “sin” would be just as obvious. click here to read more

A disturbing and complex character and probably the most realized teen Marvel has produced outside of Peter Parker

Yes Oyo’a hair is fantastic , Racialicious is a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. did a great article on her click here

Artemes  Wonder Woman

, Cliff Chang

One of the coolest characters to grace comics

Brian Azzarello is one of the top 10 writers in comics. When he took on Wonder Woman he decided to make her family the gods, powerful yet dysfunctional. His depiction of  the twins Apollo and Artemis as  the kind of  black  bourgeois you’d see  at the Country Club holding  martini’s  while making snide comments about everyone else was one of the mind blowing  Artemis is an instant classic.

Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Storm is the former queen consort ofWakanda, a title once held by marriage to King T’Challa, better known as the Black Panther.

Storm is one of the most frequently seen X-Men, having appeared in most of the comic books, all of the animated television series, nearly all of the video games, and the live-action X-Menfilm series. Storm is portrayed by Halle Berry in the first three films.


In 2012 it was critcal that Marvel let  it’s  readers of  non color know that Storm was theirs again and created the scenerio where it was the Black Panther that dumped her because of  tribal laws. According to Marvel Executive Editor  it has never felt particularly natural or been a hugely popular relationship among most fans. (Which ones?)
“it was a logical consequence of the conflict, and it adds a personal and emotional resonance to what goes on. And it’s not a relationship that we’re done with necessarily—as you’ll see as the remainder of AvX and AvX: VS plays out, and we get into the world of Marvel NOW.

Trust me, 

you will never see Storm with a Black Man Ever Again!!!

Monica Rambeau

Captain Marvell/Photon

Monica Rambeau was born in New OrleansLouisiana to Frank and Maria Rambeau. She was a lieutenant in the New Orleans harbor patrol, and operated as a cargo ship captain. Trying to prevent the creation of a dangerous weapon, Rambeau is exposed to extra-dimensional energy. As a result, she is able to convert her body to energy. She decides to use her powers to fight crime click here to read full article  Reginald Huddlin wrote the character in the pages of Black Panther and did more with her in one issue than the other writers combined. (just saying)

by Dante-Picasso

Part 3 Horror Fantasy Independents and the Future

check out

Part 1

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