Rape as Entertainment, Women are Not Amused


Rick Ross’ date-rape-referencing lyrics on rapper Rocko’s song “U.O.E.N.O.” have already sparked online outrage among women’s groups. Now a second wave of petitions is calling for Ross’ endorsement deal with Reebok to be discontinued, in part because “Reebok devotes a lot of time, energy and money to marketing to women.” That’s a statement from Nita Chaudhury, co-founder of anti-sexism collective UltraViolet, who received 51,000 signatures from members, moms and young athletes by Friday morning demanding Reebok drop Rick Ross from an endorsement deal that has already included multiple TV commercials and print campaigns. click to read more

Responses from cultural critics, feminists and hip-hop enthusiasts have ranged from outrage to indifference to intentional silence. While
some are speaking out about the rapper’s glorification of rape, there are also those whose unwavering allegiance to the artists and their music has led to a code of silence about promotion of drug and rape culture in hip-hop.  Meanwhile, many have long ago developed apathy toward’s the state of rap music, choosing not to weigh in or dismissing it as “the same ole same ole.”

But the problem is much bigger than what artists say and what we are or aren’t silent about. Let’s keep in mind there are the record label executives who are out of the public’s eye but were complicit in the production of this song as well. Ross’ lyrics are sickening and incomprehensible, but one has to wonder how these recordings ever see the light of day. Who green lights these songs for release? Do record labels have internal checks and balances? It can’t be that anything goes, right? It seems that solely focusing on the artists themselves isn’t resulting in lasting change so we must shift our attention- once again- to the steps of the corporate offices that mass produce these kinds of misogynistic and criminal messages. Click to read article 


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