Zombie Television

Book 4 of the Tales of Urban Horror finally drops
What’s it about?
Take 1 part Attack the block, 2 parts Lady Gaga, 2 parts the Walking dead, sprinkle in a touch of New Orleans magic, stir vigorously then get the hell out of there before it blows
That’s ZTV

Zombie Television
Zombie Television

With #1 singles, platinum albums, sold out concerts and legions of fans referred to as her zombies, MC Sepulcher is the biggest name in entertainment. While on vacation in New Orleans Omari, Jamilah and friends Dragonbrush and Jennifer agree to be extras in the pop diva’s latest video. When enemies thought dead re-emerge the group soon realizes MC Sepulcher fans may be more than zombies by name with plans to literally eat their hearts out. Hold on to your seats, you’re going to Oakland, California and New Orleans, Louisiana. Two cities with history, mystery, a fire-starter, vampires, werewolves, demons and yes, Zombies. click here to order


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