Zombie Works

Zombie Television
Zombie Television

In order to know  it’s truly my vision that I’m putting to paper I have to make a conscious decission not to read books that would otherwise interest me. (this is a challenge) Once done, I’m juiced to know the visions of other artist.

In my latest novel ZTV (Zombie Television) my zombies do not lumber, they are quick deadly and even vampires and werewolves are no physical match for them.

I heard of World War Z, the 2006 novel by Max Brooks but hadn’t read it (plan to do so) It was cool to read this movie synopsis in Entertainment Weekly

what you Instead of lurching, these zombies move with savage predatory crispness and eerie unison; they pile atop one another like ants in a tower. “We looked to nature,” Forster says, “to find something new, something we haven’t seen in a zombie movie.” The result: a more lively undead

I’m sure my zombies are faster, but will still see the movie to appreciate director’s Marc Forster and star and producer Brad Pits vision


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