Truth Lost in a Matrix of Misinformation



HERE WE GO AGAIN! I wrote about this during the early days of S & A, and more recently, so did Andre Seewood in Dec. 2011 (HERE), but yet… and yet… it just refuses to die. Even right now, at this very moment, it still lives.

It’s like Dracula who keeps rising from the grave, no matter how many times you drive a stake through his heart. But I’m not talking about Christopher Lee, instead it’s Sophia Stewart and her Matrix lawsuit victory.

Except that there wasn’t any victory and there won’t be one.

But don’t tell that to some people. Many still steadfastly believe that, according to a newspaper article – the same exact one that’s been circulating for years now – that Stewart, in October 2004, won a major multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Wachowskis, producer Joel SilverWarner Bros, Village Roadshow Entertainment,James Cameron, and Gale Ann Hurd for copyright infringement and racketeering, claiming that they stole the concept of The Matrix and the Terminator films from her, resulting in “one of the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood”.

And the reason why, to this day, the public hasn’t heard about that case is because of the evil satanic media cabal including film studios, television and news publishers who have banded together to keep the public from knowing about the win.

It’s all the more strange, when you consider that Stewart has to be in the top ten of all-time most known people in the world, thanks to the internet, just behind Justin Bieber.

Except that it didn’t happen. click here 



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