Equation Alice Walker

Equation Alice



Alice Walker herself notes in ‘Beauty In Truth’ the significance of “Black women’s efforts to make beauty in a world that denies that they have anything to do with beauty.” It’s a telling statement of intent from the artist, whose own voice is deliberately central in narrating her life story; albeit through Parmar’s directorial lens. Seamlessly interspersed with Walker’s first person narrative are intimate testimonials from those closest to her inner circle. Here, the poet Sonia Sanchez, feminist Gloria Steinem, activist Angela Y. Davis, historian Howard Zinn, the novelist Sapphire and Walker’s ex-husband Melvyn R. Leventhal weave a complex collective collage of the many facets of Alice Walker: daughter of Georgia’s brutal Jim Crow regime who defied the racism of rural poverty to become a Pulitzer-prize winning writer, who challenged gender-inequity through feminist scholarship; protested segregation, anti-miscegenation laws and championed the Black Power movement within the context of marital union with a Jewish-American husband. read more


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