Is Marvel Afraid of Black Love?

“It was a huge fight and I think it wasn’t so much about sexuality, but about black sexuality which makes people really uncomfortable”

Dwayne McDuffie

I’m really impressed with how Marvel is handling its Black Characters, Storm, her own book, Falcon becomes the new Captain America.

But I do find myself asking with the exception of  Black Panther (whose dating no one) and Powerman and White Tiger in the Mighty Avengers. (A book you should be reading) Why are all the high profiled character of color dating someone white?  Why are Black couples so rare  when Black romance novels, movies, and TV shows enjoy a broad appeal in the mainstream?

Read my blogs on the uproar that was created when Marvel paired Black Panther and Storm click here

Storm2385319-forge___storm___the_kiss_color_med 2674174-wolvxmen2012024cov_02



 Misty Knight



Falcon, soon to be Captain America


 Luke Cage


James Rhodes AKA War Machine/Iron Patriot

James Rhodes Iron Patriot





Miles Morales the Black Spiderman

Interestingly enough Miles Morales had  loving parents but the writer killed Miles Mother, there have been no females of color in the series since.


The All New Ultimates

couldn’t even find a girl of color for the series


 Cloak & Dagger


Even Same Sex Love

Young Avengers



The late, great Dwayne McDuffie shares his experience. Fast forward to 4:53 to hear his critique on black sexuality

 Now before you write me asking what I have against interacial relationships (which is nothing) Ask Marvel what’s thier issue with showing their Black heroes in a relationship with a counter part that shares their racial experience


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  1. Amirah B says:

    Great post and an even better question. Though I suspect that most of us know the answer if we look deep enough. The division between the black woman and the black man has been instigated for centuries now. However it’s time for us to work that out between ourselves now. Time for US to rediscover black love because it is the key to the freedom and ascension of our mind, body and soul as we are divinely one.


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