Music about real life

J. Cole  – She Knows Rarely are videos this complex

To use skyehare4 comment 

All jokes aside, you know what I think is the best part about this song? The video. Like, the song is about Cole cheating, but instead of showing his part of the story (because we’re already hearing him rap about it), we get the viewpoint of the son of the woman that he’s cheating with! It reminds you that this woman has a house, a husband, a son, and everything to lose by doing what she’s doing with. And this is shown with her son being the main protagonist, not even the woman herself. It’s a kinda simple twist to story-telling, but really gives a powerful punch to this song. And leaving this story open-ended with the family saying grace as a final note? It gives you chills, because you know, the husband knows, the woman knows, and her son knows (and J.Cole too, I guess) that something aint right. But they’re gonna continue to fake it as best as they can.




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