A Mural with a Message

The mural in Tales of Urban Horror plays a major part in the storyline and in book five we finally find out its purpose. But I realized no matter how descriptive, an image would do more justice to Yes’s vision.


Tales of Urban Horror
Were Wolves the Mix Tape Mural

In the stairwell at Malcolm X Recreational Center Omari is introduced to fellow taggers, Yes and Dragonbrush. As a penalty for tagging private and public property in Oakland, the two are sentenced to paint  a community service wall. Striking up a friendship, Omari joins them painting the mural. Later the crew learns there is more to the walls designed by Yes, than any of them could ever imagine, much more.  Maybe the images are a visual record of all their adventures. Maybe the images are a  key to saving the world.

Oakland Vampires2a
Night Biters a tale of Urban Horror

(Authors Note) The mural was designed with the idea that when he began, Yes lifted every image from artist that inspired him, murals and the internet. Before Dragonbrush became a shapeshifter the two used spray cans for stencils and free hand. After, they probably leaned more toward  wheat paste and paper that was colored with jars of latex paint.

Smoke & Demons

Because the final battled cannot be predicted the work remains unfinished, but its clear the crew will be racing the clock.

New Orleans
Zombie Television


iEvil Mural2

What does any of this mean? Pick up and copy of Night Biters and it will all make sense

Mural from Tales of Urban Horror
Mural from Tales of Urban Horror


Click to see fhe Mural full size

The Series

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