Future Batmen


Its good to know the dark detective will be with us for years to come


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  1. tpcsufian says:

    The idea of Batman shows that humans have no excuse to be any less of a hero than the ones with superpowers.


    1. AJ Harper says:

      I think that humans do only instead of spandex suits, capes and utility belts they sport cardigans and tennis shoes. unfortunately social worker enviormnetalist school teacher, nurse and community organizer dont sound as sexy as dark knight oh, but the lives they save
      BTW you have a really cool blog

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      1. tpcsufian says:

        I agree with your idea of a real-life hero. I’m in college to pursue psychology and to become a therapist. They’re heroes of the mind. 🙂 and thanks for complimenting my blog. Imma look more into your blog too.


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