Mark Waid, Racist or Champion

The  article  11 Things White People Can Do to Be Real Anti-Racist Allies; Here’s what it means to do the challenging work of fighting white supremacy ask

What can white people who really want to confront and eradicate white supremacy do—on their own, every day—to fight racism? What steps can they take to push back on a system of racial inequality so deeply embedded in our culture that it takes a pile of black bodies and video footage of the murders to force a national conversation about race? Because it can feel overwhelming.

Strange Fruit is Mark Waid and  J. G. Jones effort and its a good one

Strange Fruit describe  by comic book resources

An intense period piece sent in the tumultuous American south during the early 20th century, “Strange Fruit” #1 is a superman tale set against racism, poverty and cataclysm. Note perfect and patient, Mark Waid and J.G. Jones’ script once again proves their status as two of the most versatile comics writers working today. The sorely missed Jones also provides art, delivering the most gorgeous painted work of his career. The medium suits him well; the pages are incredibly detailed and the thinner lines and open space afforded by the style really pulls his skill at guiding a reader’s eye across a page into focus, and using the layouts of a page’s worth of panels to create mise en scene also helps control and push a reader’s emotions.

Some readers may be offended by the story, but only because the sensibilities of the times were themselves offensive. Waid makes no apologies nor pulls any punches throughout. There are several uses of the N-word, the KKK makes an appearance and the climactic scene involves an attempted lynching. These are scenarios that would make anyone upset, which is precisely why they work here.

There are those who argue that two white men creating a comic on racism is wrong that there is no context to use the “n” word in a story. I would disagree. Waid and Jones will bring attention to this issue,  many  will review the comic on their names alone. In essence White people can talk to White people in a way that others cant.

Racism in this country will not end with a monolithic effort by one, but by the tiny efforts of many. I applaud Waids and Jones effort

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